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June 09, 2023

ARBUSINSESSBANK CJSC Terminates the Operaton of “Nor-Hachn” Branch

Please be informed that from June 16, 2023 “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC shall terminate

the operation of “Nor-Hachn” branch at 2 Gayi Street, Nor Hachn, Kotayk region, RA.

The clients of “Nor-Hachn” branch may continue to be serviced at the nearest “Abovyan”

branch of “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC   (address: 1/20 Rossiya Street, Kotayk region, RA)

as well as in any other branch of the Bank...

June 08, 2023

ABB MOBILE:  New Approaches, New Possibilities

Interview with Gevorg Tarumyan - Chairman of the Executive Board of “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC



 Mr. Tarumyan,  even though it has not been so long since the updated version of the

 ABB Mobile application is available to customers, however it would be interesting to

 find out more about the users’ feedback. What have the customers benefited from

 the new digital solutions developed for the app, what are the ABB Mobile's strengths

 and what is the focus of improvements in progress...

June 08, 2023
June 05, 2023

Free delivery  upon payment with Mastercard from ARMBUSINESSBANK in Glovo

 Free delivery of yummies from Glovo for holders of Mastercard from

 ARMBUSINESSBANK. ARMBUSINESSBANK customers will have an opportunity to

 enjoy free delivery of food and food products paying with Mastercard on Glovo

 website and app...

June 01, 2023

ARMBUSINESSBANK - Principal Partner of Children’s Book Festival




 Children’s Book Festival organized by “Zangak” bookstore in Yerevan “English” park

 in cooperation with its principal partner “ARMBUSINESSBANK” has kicked off.

 For three days in a row, from June 1 until June 3, games, entertainment events,

 book presentations will be organized for children in the park... 

May 31, 2023

1USD/EUR -  Discounted tariff for money transfers to Ukraine via RIA Money Transfer





 Special offer for clients using the services of RIA Money Transfer international money transfer system.  

 Make fast money transfers to Ukraine at ARMBUSINESSBANK until August 31st of the running year

 and seize the opportunity provided by the special offer...

May 30, 2023

Beneficial Terms from ARMBUSINESSBANK for Purchasing an Apartment in a Newly Built Housing Estate




 ARMBUSINESSBANK offers favorable and flexible mortgage lending conditions to purchase real estate at 

 Tevosyan 1/3 street,

 Nor Nork administrative district, Yerevan.

 As part of the development project, "Living Residence" LLC offers prices below the market value.

 The three-building multifunctional complex of not more than 16-storeys located at Tevosyan 1/3 street, 

 Nor Nork administrative district, Yerevan shall have landscaped and improved area  of 2,930 square meters,

 three-storeyed underground parking lot, playgrounds...


May 23, 2023

 "When Development is a Priority, the Risk is Worth Taking”



 Interview with Ariel Sergio Davidoff

 “ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC Supervisory Board member, Chair of Audit and Risk Committee


 Armenia is a small country where the banking sector is quite competitive, but at the same time rather  

 sensitive to external risks. What do you believe is the formula for maintaining stability of the banking system 

 with considering the influence of the mentioned two factors...


May 22, 2023

Commission Free Online Payments via ABB Mobile App





 ARMBUSINESSBANK, upgrading the digital banking services, offers to use enhanced functionality of ABB Mobile application.

 In addition to basic banking transactions, it is also possible to make budget transfers, pay the traffic fines, real estate and

 vehicle taxes, as well as garbage collection fees for the property in Yerevan without any commission.

 Property tax payment can be made entering both the owner’s and the property details, and to pay the traffic fines it is

 necessary to indicate the Road Police decree number or the vehicle details...

May 19, 2023

A Beneficial Lending Option: ABB - EXTRA or ABB - EXTRA+?





 ARMBUSINESSBANK continues to improve its credit products introducing various lending


 The Bank offers property secured funding to individuals through ABB - Extra or ABB-

 Extra+ credit lines. As a collateral can be accepted real estate, land parcel or a vehicle...

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