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5. EREBUNI-YEREVAN 2750 anniversary fountains repair 2012

6. March 8, 2012

7. Digitec Expo, 07.10.2012

8. International Savings Day 31.10.2012

9. Citywide Tree Planting 14.04.2012

10. FINAR Finance Expo 2013 22.03.2013 - 24.03.2013

11. International Worker’s Day 01.05.2013

12. Victory Day 09.05.2013

13. Summarizing the promotion results announced within the framework of BABY term deposit raffle drawing of a ticket to Disneyland, Paris 26.06.2013

14. Reception at ARMBUSINESSBANK within the the Month of “MY FINANCES” program 22.10.2013

15. International Savings Day 31.10.2013

16. Decorating of ARMBUSINESSBANK’s New Year Tree 10.12.2013

17. 8 March 07.03.2014

18. Summarizing the international fast money transfers promotion results announced 10.03.2014


20. ARMBUSINESSBANK took part in Job Fair 06.06.2014

21. ARMBUSINESSBANK reopened day-patient room in the NCO Department of Pediatric Oncology 18.06.2014

22. Summarizing "The Bank Through the Eyes of Children" project 30.06.2014

23. Summing up the charity program "We are close to our soldiers", 15.07.2014

24. Grand opening of the branch "ASHTARAK", 30.07.2014

25. Grand opening of the branch "GAVAR", 02.08.2014

26. Grand opening of the branch "MASIS", 06.08.2014

27. Grand opening of the branch "ARTIK", 08.10.2014

28. Grand opening of the branch "SEVAN", 10.10.2014

29. Grand opening of the branch "KOMITAS", 17.10.2014

30. “At the Camp” feature-film screening in children’s day social centers, 27.10.2014-29.10.2014

31.International Savings Day, 01.11.2014

32. Citywide Tree Planting, 08.11.2014

33. Grand opening of the branch "ALASHKERT", 26.11.2014

34. Telethon 2014, 08.11.2014

35. Grand opening of the branch "ARTASHAT", 10.12.2014

36. ARMBUSINESSBANK Managers and ASUE Rectorate Board Meeting

37. New 2015 Year, 26.12.2014


56. Summing up the promotion held for cardholders served under salary projects between ARMBUSINESSBANK and partner organizations, 26.02.2016

57. ARMBUSINESSBANK and Ajapnyak administrative district management meeting, 22.03.2016

58. Holy Easter event at "Masis" branch  of "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC, 24.03.2016

59. Summarizing results of ROSGOSSTRAKH ARMENIA's “Best seller of insurance products” competition, 24.03.2016

60. Participation of ARMBUSINESSBANK employees in FASA trainings, 29.03.2016-02.04.2016

61. Participation of ARMBUSINESSBANK in "Business communication and digital world: Armenia 2016" scientific conference, 05.04.2016

62. ARMBUSINESSBANK’s congratulation to 100 year-old customer of "Yerevan" branch in view of Motherhood and Beauty Day, 08.04.2016

63. Tree Planting in Erablur, 09.04.2016

64. ARMBUSINESSBANK's open seminar within the framework of the program "Month of my finances 2016", 28.04.2016

65. 1-st of June mood at ARMBUSINESSBANK’s “Masis” branch, 01.06.2016

66. ARMBUSINESSBANK at the event "ASUE Graduate 2016", 28.06.2016

67. The grand-opening ceremony of the branch "HRAZDAN", 21.07.2016

68. Financial aid to flood-affected citizens in Artik, 22.07.2016

69. The grand-opening ceremony of the branch "TERYAN", 28.09.2016

70. “Erebuni-Yerevan 2798, 08.10.16

71. ARMBUSINESSBANK’s seminar on the topic "Awareness of savings: saving accounts", 30.10.2016

72. Summarizing the results of "Inforaphics" competition for the works of authorship on the topic "Making savings with the help of banks" in the , the Union of Banks of Armenia, 31.10.2016

73. Construction of an apartment house in Stepanakert supported by V. Grigoryants, owner of ARMBUSINESSBANK, 31.10. 2016

74. Financial Expo, dedicated to the International Savings Day, 05.11.2016

75. City-wide tree planting, 12.11.2016

76. Celebratory event for the retirees of the banking system towards the Bank Employee Day, 18.11.2016

77. Telethon 2016, 24.11.2016

78. ARMBUSINESSBANK and "Vitaly Grigoryants" Charity Fund Stand With Shahbazyans' Family, 28.12.2016

79. New Year 2017, 28.12.2016


80. Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between “ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC and Savings Banks Fund for International Cooperation, 16.01.2017

81. Employee of ARMBUSINESSBANK to become winner of "Best seller of insurance products" contest held by "ROSGOSSTRAKH ARMENIA", 15.02.2017

82. Meeting of the representatives of "ARMBUSINESSBANK" CJSC, the Armenian branch of the World Wildlife Fund and Vayots Dzor communities, 22.02.2017

83. The pupils of "Heratsi" high school at ARMBUSINESSBANK, 27.03.2017-29.03.2017

84. Congratulations to the system pensioners by ARMBUSINESSBANK employees on the occasion of April 7, 07.04.2017

85. Employees of ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC took part in ՙCommunication Skills՚ training conducted by German expert Ilona Gross 3-11 April 2017

86. Next in turn surprise by ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC and ՙVitaly Grigoryants՚ Charity Foundation to Ghukasyans’ family 01.06.2017

87. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC and Export Insurance Agency of Armenia (EIAA) to promote Armenia export 09.07.2017

88. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC receives ISO 27001-2013 certificate, 10.07.2017

89. The ceremony of awarding prizes to 2 main prize winners of ARMBUSINESSBANK’s campaign for international fast money transfers, 25.07.2017

90. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC and World Wildlife Fund to contribute to the conservation of ecoregions in Armenia, 09.08.2017

91. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC participated in ՙPeaceful Camp՚ project, 2017

92. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC is a participant of ՙNur Expo-2017՚, 09-10 November 2017

93. Summing up the results of ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC and VISA staff motivation campaign on the sales of plastic cards, 20.11.2017

94. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC awarded scholarship certificates to ASUE students, 04.12.2017

95. Student Quest campaign conducted by ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC over 01.10.2017- 30.11.2017

96. Summing up the results of ՙChildhood Dream՚ campaign conducted by ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC for the plastic cards of MasterCard payment system over 01.06.2017-01.09.2017, 08.12.2017

97. ՙARMBUSINESSBANK՚ CJSC NEW YEAR 2018, 27.12. 2017

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