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“ARMBUSINESSBANK” CJSC offers the following schemes of deposits  
Term and demand deposits of individual customers


Term deposit "BABY"

Term deposit "BENEFICIAL"

Term deposit "ACCUMULATIVE"

Demand "deposit"




Term deposit BABY 10-11-2021

Term deposit BABY 03-12-2021

Term deposit BABY 17-03-2022

Term deposit BABY 03-06-2022

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 22-02-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 14-06-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 03-08-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 20-08-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 20-10-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 10-11-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 03-12-2021

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 16-02-2022

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 17-05-2022

Term deposit BENEFICIAL 03-06-2022

Term deposit PREMIUM 17-05-2022

Term deposit PREMIUM 03-06-2022 



* W here after contractual time the depositor does not require to pay the amount of a term deposit or after the occurrence of circumstances specified under agreement the depositor does not require to repay the deposit amount lodged on other terms and conditions, the agreement shall be deemed to have been prolonged on the terms of a demand deposit, unless otherwise stipulated by the contract.



* The bank may not unilaterally reduce the interest rate defined by the agreement of bank deposit that a citizen lodged intending to receive back after certain period of time or occurrence of circumstances stipulated in the agreement, unless otherwise provided by law



The refund in the banks of the Republic of Armenia of bank deposits attracted from individuals (sole entrepreneurs alike) is guaranteed by Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund.

The following are the guaranteed amounts of deposits:

a) In the event that a depositor holds in the bank a bank deposit only in Armenian drams, the rate o insured funds is 16 million Armenian drams;

b) In the event that a depositor holds in the bank a bank deposit only in foreign currency, the rate of insured funds is 7 million Armenian drams;

c) In the event that a depositor holds in the bank deposits both in Armenian drams and in foreign currency, and the amount of the bank deposit in AMD is in excess of 7 million drams, only the bank deposit in AMD shall be secured- in 16 million AMD.

d ) In the event •where a depositor has dram and foreign currency denominated deposits in the insolvent bank, and the amount of dram denominated deposit is less than 7 million Armenian drams, dram denominated bank deposit is subject to guarantee in full, and foreign currency denominated bank deposit is subject to refund in the amount equal to difference between 7 million Armenian drams and the reimbursed dram denominated bank deposit.   

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