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Individual safe boxes

ARMBUSINESSBANK provides individual safe deposit boxes for safe custody of valuables, documents, cash money and other values.  

The individual safe deposit boxes are available at following addresses:

1. Head office - 48 Nalbandyan Str., Yerevan

2. "KENTRON" branch - 20 Mashtots Str., Yerevan

3. "MALATIA" branch - 19 Ara Gevorgyan Str., Yerevan

4. "NOR-NORK" branch - Totovents 4-th alley, Yerevan

5. "SHENGAVIT" branch - 31/36 G.Nzhdeh Str., Yerevan

6. "KIEVYAN" branch - 11A N64 Kievyan Str., Yerevan

7. "VANADZOR" branch - 44 Tigran Mets Str., Vanadzor

8. "KANAKER" branch - 72/9 Z. Sarkavag Str., Yerevan

9. "GYUMRI" branch - 8 Independent Square, Gyumri

10. "ARMAVIR" branch - 6 Harapetutyan Str., Armavir

11. "NOR AJIN" branch - 2 Gaie Str., Nor Hajin

12. "KOMITAS" branch - 61 Komitas Str., Yerevan

13. "TERYAN" branch - 69 Teryan Str., Yerevan

14. "QAJAZNUNI" branch - 5 Qajaznuni Str.,26 building,Yerevan

15. "NOR AVAN" branch - 44/1 Babajanyan Str., Yerevan

16. "ANI" branch - 13 P.Sevak Str., Gyumri

17. "KAPAN" branch - 3/12, M. Stepanyan Str., Kapan

18. "LORI" branch - G. Lusavorich Str., bldg 38/1, Vanadzor



Any information with regard to the contents of the individual safe deposit boxes, of the valuables, as well as any data related to the Customer’s safe deposit in general, shall be considered as confidential and proprietary, and shall be treated as such by the Bank in compliance with the established procedure.  

Application form for the rent of individual safe deposit boxes

For additional information, please call 59-20-20 or 59-20-40  




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